Manage Your Data

We understand the importance of your privacy and we want to ensure that you have control of the information about you stored on the Orbit platform.

If we store data about you and you do not have an account with us, you can access and optionally delete your data using the form below.

You can create an Orbit account to take advantange of all the benefits of Orbit and edit your data. You can also contact us to exercise your legal rights in relation to your personal data.

All data stored and processed on Orbit is done so in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Enter your email address to view the data associated with that address.

If we have the email address on record you will recieve a verification email to view your data, otherwise no email will be sent.


What is Orbit?

Orbit is a platform for people to discover, join and build valuable professional communities.

We help organisers create, manage and engage their communities so they can provide their members with a valuable experience.

Orbit users can join communities on Orbit and manage all their memberships and connections in one central place.

Why is information about me on Orbit?

Your information will have been submitted to Orbit by an organiser who uses Orbit to manage their community and events. Organisers will provide details about their members so they can send invitations to join their communities and to manage their members and event attendees.

How is my information used?

Your information is only used by the organisers who added your data to help facilitate management of their community and/or event. Your data is not shared with anyone else unless you have specifically chosen to do so.

Why should I keep my data up to date?

Keeping your information up to date will ensure that organisers have access to the correct information about you. If you create an Orbit account, any changes you make will be immediately reflected throughout all the communities you are a part of.

What happens if I delete my data?

Should you wish to delete your data from Orbit then organisers will no longer have access to your data and will not be able to manage your membership or event attendance. Be aware that this could cause problems for organisers and your memberships to these communities outside of Orbit.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

You can view our Privacy Policy at